Infrastructure Changes

Intro to Infrastructure Considerations handout

Meeting Minutes Exploration assess infrastructure

Meeting Minutes Planning an Initiative

The District Implementation Team considers:

  • Where will the pilot implementation take place?

  • Who will be the first cohort of staff to be trained to implement?

  • What coaching supports will be needed?

  • What fidelity measure and criteria needs to be identified to monitor staff practices?

  • What data system is needed to monitor ongoing progress (e.g., what data, how collected, where will it collated/summarized, used, and shared?)

  • What data infrastructure do staff need to understand how to use?

  • Are there policy and procedure enhancements needed? Who will make the amendments?

  • What will the process be to ensure bi-directional communication among all stakeholders?

Plan for Piloting Inclusion: Where do we start?

Planning to Pilot inclusive programming involves targeting the areas of need identified on the District Readiness Assessment completed during the Exploration stage. The inclusion team addresses these needs by:

  • determining the pilot site(s),

  • developing an infrastructure changes timeline,

  • selecting and preparing cohort practitioners

  • creating a staff training schedule,

  • making an ongoing support plan that includes coaching,

  • establishing family engagement expectations, and

  • identifying progress monitoring data sources.

Planning Inclusion Infrastructure

PreK Outcome and LRE Data

Create a Professional Development Plan that includes:

  • Who will participate in coaching

  • Who will provide ongoing coaching support

  • Where, when, and how participants can access knowledge-building materials (e.g., articles, books, modules, videos)

  • What data will be used to guide coaching (e.g., self-assessment and classroom assessment)

  • What training will support coaching (e.g., training topics and schedule for provision)

Identify literacy progress evaluation tools and processes:

  • Who will evaluate and with what literacy data measures

  • When and how often evaluation occurs

  • When and how evaluation data will be reviewed

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