District Team Functions Well

Planning an Initiative Outcomes Checklist

Meeting Minutes Planning an Initiative

The District Implementation Team Considers:

  • Revisit team composition are all needed members at the table

  • Re-confirm team members have appropriate knowledge, skills, authority to plan infrastructure improvements

  • Verify the initiative was well defined

A strong functioning implementation team is characterized by best practices in:

  • Basic meeting protocol, e.g., roles assigned, previous meeting notes reviewed, goals and objectives, process to record items to discuss in future, action plan developed

  • Attention to Ongoing Improvement Cycles, e.g., review action plan, guiding questions, use of data

  • Attention to managing challenges, e.g., activities to engage all voices, reminders that this work is a process, review of information to be communicated

The Literacy Team must also develop self-assessment and system-assessment tools to monitor team efficacy. Check-in questions could include:

  • Are we accomplishing meeting goals?

  • Are we disseminating communications effectively?

  • Do we have a process in place for teachers to communicate feedback, needs, and successes back to the Literacy Team?

  • How are we attending to obstacles and communication break-downs?

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