Data Informs Progress

The district team meets repeatedly (quarterly at a minimum) to:

  • monitor ongoing progress,

  • provide leadership oversight,

  • review data, and

  • stay apprised of the pilot’s efforts.

Pilots can benefit by supplementing the district team with building teams at their respective sites. The primary responsibility of building teams is supporting staff competency in and implementation fidelity of the adopted initiative’s practice(s). Building teams also support consistent use of the identified data system involving capacity, implementation (training and coaching), and fidelity data used to resolve problems; enact action plans; and monitor feasibility, usability, and impact using continuous quality improvement cycles. When building teams are assembled, be sure to add a representative to the district team.

Building teams should also include a wide range of cultural and role perspectives. These could include:

  • a principal or assistant principal,

  • a district team member,

  • lead teacher(s),

  • coach,

  • staff in specialty areas (e.g., special education, Title 1),

  • a family member,

  • community representatives as appropriate.

Data to Monitor Progress handout

Meeting Minutes Building

Meeting Minutes Initial Implementation with Data

The District Implementation Team ensures:

  1. Data collection schedules are in place

  2. All staff are aware of and familiar with data collection protocols

  3. A designated person to conduct practice fidelity evaluations

  4. The fidelity practice(s) evaluation schedule is in place

  5. District Implementation Team data review schedule is in place

  6. A designated district implementation team member to collate all data sources for team review

Citation: National Implementation Research Network (2020). Implementation Stages Planning Tool Chapel Hill, NC: National Implementation Research Network, FPG Child Development Institute, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Implementation teams regularly review selected data sets to determine pilot progress and inform decision-making regarding any needed adjustments, e.g., coaching, training, stakeholder feedback, adherence to data protocols.

A major task of the Literacy Team should be the collection and communication of progress-monitoring data, as collected through the site-determined channels in the Communication Plan. Some means of disseminating progress could be:

  • Monthly staff meetings to share-out strategy implementation successes and roadblocks

  • Communications in staff newsletters and principal messages

  • Parent-friendly communications to be shared in teacher and school newsletters

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