Ongoing Team Meetings

Prior to expanding towards Full Implementation, it is important for the district team to access new research and revisit its vision statement to renew its commitment to the selected initiative. Once re-commitment is established, the district implementation team develops and executes its expansion plan by revisiting and completing the readiness assessment, planning forms and onboarding and training of new site staff. Full implementation is achieved when data shows that 50% or more of practitioners are implementing the new practices with fidelity and improved outcomes. Ongoing staff training and coaching needs should be met through amending the original technical assistance plan implemented during initial implementation and include using the most current evidence-based practices. Leadership should confirm the district's capacity, supports, and desire to expand.

The District Implementation Team identifies:

  1. Expansion scope

  2. New site infrastructure improvements

  3. Refinements to data collection protocols

  4. New district implementation team members

  5. New district implementation meeting schedule

  6. New staff cohort preparation orientation and training schedule

  7. Original staff cohort “refresher” training needs

  8. New staff cohort Coaching plan

  9. New staff data collection tools and schedule orientation

The National Implementation Network's lessons on full implementation

Full Implementation Checklist

Meeting Minutes Plan for Full Implementation

Meeting Minutes exploration assess infrastructure

Expand Ongoing Staff Support handout

Citation: National Implementation Research Network (2020). Implementation Stages Planning Tool Chapel Hill, NC: National Implementation Research Network, FPG Child Development Institute, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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