Data Informs Decision Making

Pilot fidelity assessment data informed how to address challenges, needed supports, and additional training leading to sustainment of high-quality practices. Data should indicate that practitioners are delivering practices with fidelity and ease with evidence that outcomes are improving through their use. Full implementation is reached when 50% or more of the intended staff are using practices with fidelity and finding good outcomes. Achieving and sustaining success require ongoing supports.

The planned training and technical assistance were provided, and practitioners acquired the knowledge and skills to implement practices with fidelity. Your district data shows that 50% or more of practitioners are successfully using practices with fidelity and outcomes have improved. New research and new resource development are always underway. Full implementation is a time to continually assess and address current staff training needs with technical assistance plans that include meeting those needs with the most current evidence-based practices.

National Implementation Research Network

The district team must continue to monitor continuous quality improvement (CQI) during full implementation to ensure that high quality practices are sustained. CQI involves regular, ongoing monitoring to identify challenges and assess fidelity and quality of planning, training, and practices. Data continues to inform and guide decision making during full implementation.

Meeting Minutes Full Implementation Monitor Expansion Progress

The District Implementation Team develops plans to:

1. Review and refine all data measures and the collection and review schedule

2. Train staff on data collection protocols and schedule

3. Identify and train fidelity evaluation staff

Citation: National Implementation Research Network (2020). Implementation Stages Planning Tool Chapel Hill, NC: National Implementation Research Network, FPG Child Development Institute, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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