Select And Define An Initiative

You will define your initiative by creating a vision statement to be used as the compass on your journey. It’s what you will look to whenever you get lost or need to remember your ultimate destination. You might also think of it as a North Star guiding your team. Your vision statement should evoke excitement that provides momentum for tackling the work that lies ahead. It can be added to staff and family handbooks, the program website, and communication means (e.g., newsletters).

The District Implementation Team considers the following when creating a vision statement:

  1. The initiative’s long-term outcome

  2. How this initiative will be different than previous efforts

  3. How to foster commitment, motivation, and excitement

  4. Write the vision statement using just two to three sentences

  5. Obtain all team members’ commitment to AND agreement with the vision statement

  6. Decide how your vision statement will be used (e.g., family and staff handbooks, job descriptions, website, etc.)

Before You Start

Meeting Minutes on Vision and Agreement

Citation: National Implementation Research Network (2020). Implementation Stages Planning Tool. Chapel Hill, NC: National Implementation Research Network, FPG Child Development Institute, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The district team must use data to both thoroughly understand the outcome of the district's current inclusive services and to identify what to keep and what to enhance.

High Quality Inclusion Is...

Best Practices in Preschool Inclusion

Analyzing literacy data from preschool to grade three is a critical step to deciding to improve equitable literacy outcomes.

Literacy Team Handout

Making a Case for Equitable Preschool to Grade 3 Literacy Practice


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