Roadmap Overview

Let's orient you to the roadmap's layout. The top bar includes four implementation stage navigation tabs: Stage 1: Exploration (data-informed investigating, choosing [what]), Stage 2: Planning (who, when, and how), Stage 3: Initial Implementation (piloting, beginning, refining), and Stage 4: Full Implementation (expanding, ongoing improvement). These stages are adapted from the National Implementation Research Network's Implementation Stages Planning Tool (a proven sustainable organizational change process).

Each of the implementation stages provides guidance on completing the work needed before advancing to the next stage towards reaching your destination. When you click an implementation stage tab on the navigation bar you will find:

  • Its rationale (why it is important)
  • Its introductory description (what the stage entails)
  • Its outcomes presented on the side tab navigation (what the stage accomplishes)

The outcomes side tabs provide overviews on how to meet the outcome as well as pertinent inclusion and literacy considerations.

National Implementation Research Network (2020). Implementation Stages Planning Tool. Chapel Hill, NC: National Implementation Research Network, FPG Child Development Institute, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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